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Fasting and Fitness: Balancing Your Outdoor Activities During Ramadan

Fasting and Fitness: Balancing Your Outdoor Activities During Ramadan

With Ramadan upon us, our days find a new rhythm, one of reflection, community, and, yes, fasting. But what about our love for the great outdoors and keeping fit? Does Ramadan mean putting our active lifestyle on pause? Absolutely not! It’s all about balance and making thoughtful adjustments to our routines. And guess what? We’ve got your back, ensuring your outdoor activities are as fulfilling and comfortable as ever, even while fasting.

The Sunrise Strategy: Suhoor to Sunrise Workouts

Let's kick off with the early birds. Planning a light workout between suhoor and Fajr can be incredibly refreshing and a great way to start your fasting day with energy. Think gentle stretches, yoga, or a brisk walk. This is the time for low-intensity activities that wake your body up gently. WOMMO’s breathable, modest activewear is perfect for these moments, keeping you comfortable and covered as you greet the day.

Focus on the hand of the traveler holding a trekking pole in the cave.Travel and adventure concept.

The Golden Hour: Post-Iftar Adventures

Now, for many of us, the idea of any physical activity before iftar might seem daunting. And that's perfectly okay! The period right after iftar presents a beautiful window for more vigorous activities. Your body has just been refueled, and it’s ready to take on the world – or at least a nice, scenic hike. The cooler evening air makes outdoor activities more enjoyable, and it’s a fantastic way to witness the beauty of nature under the setting sun. WOMMO’s modest adventure wear, designed for both comfort and modesty, ensures you’re prepared for whatever adventure awaits, post-iftar.

Hydration is Key

We all know staying hydrated during Ramadan is a challenge, but it's crucial, especially when incorporating fitness into your routine. Focus on hydrating well during non-fasting hours, particularly between iftar and suhoor. And remember, it’s not just about water; foods high in water content can also help maintain your hydration levels. When you head out for your post-iftar activities, wearing WOMMO’s lightweight and breathable fabrics can help prevent excessive sweating, keeping you more comfortable and hydrated.

Muslim woman sitting by a rock taking a break during hike

Listen to Your Body

This cannot be stressed enough. Ramadan is not the time to push your limits or set new fitness records. It’s a time for maintaining your health and wellbeing. Adjust the intensity of your workouts to how you're feeling. Some days you might feel more energetic than others, and that's perfectly normal. WOMMO's flexible and supportive activewear is designed to adapt to your body’s needs, ensuring you feel good whether you’re going for a gentle walk or tackling a more demanding trail.

Community Spirit

One of the beautiful aspects of Ramadan is the sense of community it fosters. Why not bring this spirit into your fitness routine? Organising group walks or light hikes after iftar can be a wonderful way to stay active and connect with friends and family. Plus, it’s a chance to share the Ramadan spirit with others who share your passion for the outdoors.  

Two modest women hiking

Inspiring Stories

To wrap up, let’s share some motivation. Aisha, a WOMMO community member, shares, “This Ramadan, I started walking 30 minutes after iftar every day. It has become my time to reflect, listen to Quran recitations, and enjoy a peaceful evening. Not only did I start to feel physically stronger by the end of the month, but my spiritual connection deepened too. WOMMO’s Virtue Set made these walks so comfortable and something I looked forward to each day.” 

And there you have it, my lovely adventurers! Balancing fasting and fitness during Ramadan is definitely possible, and with the right approach and gear, it can even become a part of your Ramadan you cherish. Remember, it's not about the intensity of your workout but the consistency and the intention behind it.

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