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A Day Hike in Aotearoa (New Zealand) for Hijabi Adventurers: How to Prepare?

A Day Hike in Aotearoa (New Zealand) for Hijabi Adventurers: How to Prepare?

Kia Ora Hijabi Adventurers! Ready to embark on an epic adventure in the stunning landscapes of Aotearoa? Join us in exploring the wonders of New Zealand in modesty – let's dive into the joys of hiking while staying true to our beautiful selves! Together, we're rewriting the narrative, proving that adventure knows no bounds, and neither does our sense of style. So, grab your modest adventurer wear, hijabs and hiking boots, because we're about to explore new trails, one fabulous step at a time!

Essential Planning:

Research Your Trail:

Finding the perfect trail is like finding the right pair of shoes – it's got to fit! Choose a trail that matches your fitness level, takes modesty into account, and promises breathtaking views.

Weather Check:

New Zealand weather can be as unpredictable as a plot twist in your favourite book. Dress in layers to combat temperature changes, and always be the superhero with a waterproof jacket for unexpected rain.

Trail Duration:

Estimating how long your hike will take is a crucial aspect of your adventure. It not only helps you manage your time efficiently but also ensures you have ample opportunities to take in the breathtaking scenery and connect with nature.

Consider the terrain and elevation gain of your chosen trail to get a good sense of the time needed. Remember, Aotearoa's landscapes can be as diverse as our hijab styles, ranging from gentle slopes to challenging ascents.

And here's a little insider tip: Serene prayer spots with a view? Count us in! As you plan your hike, keep an eye out for potential prayer locations along the trail. Perhaps a quiet clearing or a spot with a majestic view can be your spiritual haven.

Planning ahead for your prayers involves considering ablution options. If your trail offers a water source, bring along a compact bottle specifically for ablution. Check whether there's enough privacy for this ritual; some trails might have secluded spots perfect for your spiritual practice.

For extra convenience, you might choose to take ablution before departing. Whatever your preference, thinking about these details beforehand ensures a seamless and spiritually fulfilling hiking experience. After all, connecting with nature and with our Creator is what makes the journey truly extraordinary.

New Zealand Forest

Packing Essentials:

Comfortable Clothing:

When gearing up for your outdoor hiking adventure, the right clothing can make all the difference. Opt for moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that not only keep you cool and comfortable but also reflect your personal style and values.

It's not just about looking fabulous (though, that's definitely our vibe!), but it's about the thoughtful design that understands and celebrates your journey.

Designed with durability and comfort in mind, WOMMO adventure wear  is more than just clothing; it's your reliable companion on the trail. So, as you slip into your chosen ensemble, know that you're not just wearing a piece of fabric; you're embracing a mindset, a lifestyle, and gearing up to explore nature seamlessly. Because why settle for ordinary?

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 A hijabi woman hiking in the forest

Hijab Essentials:

Opt for a sports hijab that stays put during every climb and descent. And hey, bring an extra hijab for a fresh post-hike look – you deserve it!


When it comes to hiking, your choice of footwear can either make or break the adventure.

And here's a pro-tip for the trail blazers – opt for hiking shoes with ankle support, especially if your route involves rocky climbs or if you're carrying a bit of gear. Ankle support ensures stability, reducing the risk of sprains and enhancing your overall hiking experience.

So, before you lace up those hiking shoes, remember, it's not just about comfort; it's about preparing your feet for the incredible journey ahead. Pack those extra socks for the longer trails, and let your footwear be as ready for adventure as you are!

 Close up on hiking boots on the trail

 Hydration and Snacks:

So, let's talk hydration and snacks – the heartbeat of your hiking journey!

Reusable Water Bottle

Stay refreshed and hydrated with your trusty sidekick – a reusable water bottle. It’s great at quenching your thirst while reducing waste. With New Zealand's landscapes unfolding before you, sipping from your eco-friendly bottle becomes a part of the adventure.

Eenergising Snack Options:

  • Homemade Sandwiches: The classic choice for sustained energy. Packed with your favourite fillings, a good sandwich can be a trailside feast.
  • Fresh Fruits: Nature's candy! Apples, bananas, or any fruit of your choice – a burst of natural sugars to keep you moving.
  • Dehydrated Fruits and Nuts: Compact and nutrient-dense, they're like tiny powerhouses in your backpack.
  • Halal Beef Jerky: A personal favourite! High in protein, savoury, and oh-so-satisfying. It's the trail snack that adds a bit of adventure to every bite.

Imagine this: as you pause to take in breathtaking views, you reach into your backpack and unveil your snack arsenal. The crunch of nuts, the juicy sweetness of fruits, and the savoury kick of beef jerky – each bite is a celebration of your journey. 

Sun Protection:

1. Stylish Sun Shields: Wide-Brimmed Hats and Visors

These aren't just accessories; they're your sun shields, offering a touch of elegance to your outdoor ensemble. And here's a secret for our hijabi explorers – visors are exceptionally hijab-friendly! They sit effortlessly atop your hijab, shielding your face from the sun without compromising your style or adding extra layers on top of your head.

2. High SPF

With New Zealand's harsh sun playing hide-and-seek, it's your reliable armour. Smother yourself generously in high SPF sunscreen, ensuring every inch of uncovered skin gets the protection it deserves. A sun-kissed glow is the goal; sunburn, not so much!

 Hijabi woman wearing a visor climping on rocks


Meet your new BFF (Best Fit Friend) – the backpack! Here's the lowdown on why choosing the right backpack is as crucial as picking the perfect trail.

1. Comfy, Compartments, and Convenience

Opt for one with padded straps and a breathable back to keep you comfortable on your journey. But that's just the beginning. What makes a backpack a game-changer is its compartments – the more, the merrier!

Multiple compartments mean everything has its designated space – no more chaotic searches for your water bottle or sunscreen.

2. Easy Access, Quick Wins

Need your sunscreen pronto? No problem! A quick unzip, and you're ready to shield yourself from the sun's rays. It's all about quick wins on the trail, and a well-designed backpack ensures you can grab what you need without breaking your stride.

Hijabi woman wearing a visor and backpack hiking on the beach

Personal Comfort: 

Choose the Right Timing:

Set out early or catch the late afternoon sun – prime times for hijabi comfort. Avoid those midday sunbeams, and you'll be smiling all the way.

Trail Buddy System:

Your trail buddy could be your spouse, a sibling, a friend, or even your parents – the choice is yours! The key is finding someone whose company you enjoy, someone who shares your enthusiasm for the great outdoors. After all, shared adventures are the best adventures!

Informing someone about your hiking plans isn't just a precaution; it's a golden rule. Whether it's your spouse, a family member, or a friend, let them know the details – your chosen trail, estimated duration, and your expected return time. It's like having a safety net, ensuring that someone is aware of your whereabouts.

Turn it into a Community Affair:

Why stop at one trail buddy when you can turn it into a community affair? Invite your fellow hijabi hikes to join the adventure! Create a hiking club or join the community hikes through WOMMO. There's nothing like exploring nature's wonders in the company of like-minded souls. The more, the merrier!

Two hijabi women hiking and talking, looking happy at the beach

Leave No Trace:

Nature is our playground; let's keep it clean. Bring a rubbish bag to collect waste, leaving only footprints behind.

After the Hike:

Post-Hike Care:

Change into fresh, dry clothes for the ultimate post-hike glow-up. Rehydrate and refuel with a delicious, nutritious meal – you've earned it!

Reflecting on the Adventure:

Share your epic #modestadventures with the WOMMO community! Encourage your fellow hijabi adventurers to embrace the outdoors, one trail at a time.

Celebrate the joy of hiking in modesty. To all the hijabi explorers out there, the trails of New Zealand await your exploration. Lace-up, buckle up, and let's conquer those peaks together – because adventure is for everyone and you deserve to explore this beautiful world on your own terms.

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